At the age of six, Key — born Ke’Asha McClure — already had visions of fame in rap and beyond.Looking up to lyrical queens like Lauryn Hill and Lil’ Kim, In 2016, she started delivering royal raps on her first pair of projects, Your Highness and Beauty in a Beast.

Ditching college and day jobs to commit to hip-hop full-time, the shy but brash MC has since loaded up her catalog with sexual rhymes and bad-B anthems, putting her mischievous attitude, bedroom bravado and money mentality on full display. She crowned herself queen with the release of her 2018 EP Eat My Pussy and its 2019 sequel. In 2020, she also dropped a few buzzworthy tracks like “Take Yo Man” and her remix (or “Keymix,” as she calls it) of Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk’s “Back in Blood.”

Now, Key’s mission is to secure bags and the spotlight with her upcoming project All Eyez on Key. For Key, “queen shit” is more than just a tagline on wax — it’s a lifestyle. Whether stacking bands or bars, living on her terms is the only option. “I couldn’t wake up and not be Queen Key,” she says. “It’s a part of me.”